WindSim | Add-On Modules

WindSim is more than a powerful stand-alone product—it's a platform too.

WindSim serves as a platform to support add-on modules. We designed these separately licensed optional modules to complement WindSim—they run on WindSim, rely on its data, or both. You can decide to take advantage of the powerful functionality delivered in a particular module whenever it makes sense for you.

A module may not be relevant to your work today but might be later. So, we’ve made it easier for you to add what you need when you need it.

Remote Sensing Correction Tool

Remote sensing techniques based on SODAR and LIDAR are gaining more traction in the wind sector than ever before. Our customers enjoy a considerable advantage using remote sensing. Why? Because remote sensing can sample data over a large area plus it can measure vertical profiles at the turbine locations. Now, you can further leverage remote sensing with new functionality we've introduced in WindSim.  MORE INFO

Multiple Core Utilization

The computing time for your simulations is reduced dramatically with our new Multiple Core Utilization Module. And, you will be able to run models larger than ever before. Now, you can use 100% of your available computer resources in dual or quad core machines and in the more powerful multi-CPU machines. This means you can run several sectors at the same time or you can split the calculations of one sector onto multiple cores.

Park Optimizer

Park Optimizer uses WindSim simulations plus new optimization techniques to help you interactively design IEC-compliant wind farm layouts. You can include costs and revenues to maximize the wind park profitability with respect to park size finding optimum number of turbines and location of each turbine.