3D Visualizations

You can make your models come alive in 3D with WindSim.

We' ve included some downloadable examples below to give you a feel for the kind of advanced 3D visualizations you can create with WindSim.

WindSim does not have to be installed to view the examples. Just use GLview Express the free standalone viewer for .vtf files* or the GLview 3D Plugin for viewing inside Internet Explorer. It also includes an add-in for MS PowerPoint—a nice addition for your presentations.

Lista, Norway | Driving Along the Road
WindSim (6.7 Mb)
Hafnarhyrna, Iceland | Snow Drift Accumulation
ORION Consulting (15.2 Mb)
Barcelona, Spain | Mast on Top of Building
University of Girona (2.6 Mb)
Mehuken, Norway | Recirculation
WindSim (11.5 Mb)
Mehuken, Norway | Flight Trajectory
WindSim (1.1 Mb)
Mehuken, Norway | Spinning Turbines
WindSim (1.2 Mb)
Cube with WindSim Logo
WindSim (0.1 Mb)

Do you have some examples you would like to share with the WindSim user community? If so, please send them along and we'll post them here. Thanks!

* What is a .vtf file? The .vtf file format is the import/export file format used by WindSim's rich post processor called GLview Pro.
The compressed examples can be uncompressed with various methods including WinZip or WinRAR.