Find the windiest position for each wind turbine

You are hereby invited to take part in the wind farm design championship. The target is to design the world’s best performing wind farm, that is the wind farm with the highest energy production. Download the instructions here: "Championship". Championship

Complex terrain have a huge impact on the wind conditions. It could be attempting to choose sites with significant speed-up of the wind, where it actually would be impossible to build a wind farm, as road constructions and erection of wind turbines would be too difficult. Some of the below sites might belong to this category, and should strictly speaking been removed from the list.

Speed-up of the wind also depends on the model resolution. All the below models have less than 100 000 cells.


No. Date AEP (GWh/y) AEP report .vtf * Name (Company)
1 31.08.18 129.2 AEP report Tobias Bjerkomp (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
2 28.08.18 127.8 AEP report .vtf Anne Lovise Rausand Hertzenberg (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
3 29.08.18 127.3 AEP report .vtf Aksel Aarstad (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
4 31.08.18 119.3 AEP report Knut Nonslid Eriksen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
5 31.08.18 118.5 AEP report Julie Hjellbakk Pettersen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

* the .vtf file contains a 3D model used for visualization, it is opened in GlviewPro